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Book Notes: Summer 2023

Book Notes is a compilation of new work by and of interest to WCSA members. Check-out the Summer 2023 edition!

Register & Join!

Please register for the WCSA23 Conference and update your membership(s) while you’re at it! Access all pay related content through our “Member Portal” in the global navigation pane. If you’re new, just start the process with an email. Select the “click here to visit the…

Solidarity with AWCA

May 16, 2023 The Working-Class Studies Association and the Working-Class Academics (WCA) section express solidarity with the Alliance of Working-Class Academics (AWCA). AWCA has launched a petition to include social-class in anti-discrimination policy. British citizens and UK residents who are WCSA and WCA members are…

Solidarity with WGA Strike!

The WCSA executive committee has voted to stand in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America on strike. Guild members are facing catastrophic reductions in both available work assignments and compensation, including for residuals. This is largely due to classic exploitative practices, including speed-up and…

Dorm Deadline Extended!

If you’re planning to stay in the dorms at UIC during the WCSA23 Conference, you have until May 20th: Purchase them right here, through our website’s “Member Portal.” Questions? Reach the Conference Organizing Committee at As of May 20th, 2023, the deadline has passed.…

Check out the Programs!

The conference programs for the on-ground and zoom tracks are on a page beneath the WCSA23 Conference button, and here: WCSA23 Programs. What an interesting bunch of people!