WCSA 2017-18 Election Nominations

The nominations process is now open for the WCSA elections in June. There will be blast-email calls for nominations in April and May, but it is not too early to submit nominations, including self-nominations. Simply email your nominee to Elections Committee Chair Lisa Kirby at LKirby@collin.edu. If you are nominating somebody besides yourself, please seek their permission before nominating and simply copy them on your email nomination to Lisa. No biographical rationale is necessary at this point.

The open positions for 2017-18 are: President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, two at-large members of the Steering Committee (one graduate student and one independent scholar), and one member of the Elections Committee. In addition, former members of the Association of Working-Class Academics need to nominate and elect a Chair-Elect for the new WCSA Working-Class Academics Section.

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