Job opportunity! CSU Dominguez Hills is hiring in Labor Studies.

Job opportunity! California State University, Dominguez Hills, in Southern California, is hiring a new tenure-track assistant professor in their Program of Labor Studies, starting Fall 2022.

From the ad: “We invite candidates from a range of disciplines, including history, geography, applied economics, sociology, public policy, and urban planning. We are interested in candidates who understand Labor Studies as an applied as well as scholarly field. Candidates should have an interest in establishing and building collaborative relationships with labor unions, workers centers, government agencies, and community organizations in various ways, such as serving as guest speakers and working together on internships, job placements, workforce development, public events, and research projects.”

“Our new colleague will be expected to teach our students to understand and apply theories of collective action, collective bargaining, and/or law as they intersect with race, class, gender, sexuality, national status, immigration, place, poverty, inequality, and policy in the context of a global political economy. They will have a commitment to teaching a diverse student population on a campus with cultural wealth and history. We recognize that Labor Studies includes inquiry into informal work, social reproduction, and care economies, and welcome scholars investigating new and emerging workplace technologies and modalities.”

The full job ad and application information can be found here:

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