Announcement: Ireland’s “Working-Class Studies: An Interdisciplinary Conference,” Nov. 8 to Nov. 12

Dear WCSA Members and Fellow Travelers,

We’re happy to announce Ireland’s first academic conference dedicated to working-class studies to be held November 8-12, 2021. The Irish Working-Class Studies Conference will take place online and in Dublin at Liberty Hall, headquarters of Ireland’s largest union, SIPTU

The Irish Working-Class Studies Conference is being organized by a committee that includes two Irish working-class scholars who also sit on the Steering Committee of the Working-Class Studies Association, Emma Penney and Rosie O‘Halloran. Penney was elected in this capacity in 2020 and O’Halloran in 2021.

Recently, Penney was also a co-organizer for the WCSA’s first fully-online conference: WCSA 2021. Online conferences can be a challenge but if done well, they allow for participation across geographically distant members. We value and respect the work of Dublin-based artist and graphic designer, Aine O‘Hara, and the website they created that made the transnational conference an ephemeral home. 

At the upcoming Irish Working-Class Studies Conference, you may see some familiar faces! Some panels will include members of the Working-Class Studies Association. The Conference is free and we encourage you to register and participate in this important event.

See the Irish Working-Class Studies Conference “Schedule” and information on how to “Register.” 

Registrants will receive a Zoom-enabled program in their email shortly before the Conference begins. They will be able to “click in” to the Conference events that take place via Zoom.

In our tradition of solidarity, please come and share widely!