Updates from the Planners

June 10, 2022

Less than two weeks to the start of the conference! If you haven’t registered yet, please do so NOW! We have a great program lined up, with lots of fun events and a lovely banquet on Wednesday (June 22) night. If you can’t make it in person, you can attend our concurrent set of remote panels, and participate in our business meeting and awards ceremony via zoom. Take a look at the program, which has been recently updated.

We’ve been monitoring the COVID situation closely. Oregon is like most of the country – we experienced an increase of cases in the past month, but that seems to be waning. Benton County, where OSU is located, has always recorded relatively few serious cases, as we are one of the most vaccinated counties in the country. There are no mask mandates operating at the campus, but we welcome any and all precautions, and we have taken care to ensure lots of room at our social events and panels. We are currently looking at lower attendance than pre-COVID years, and this may reassure some of you who are as yet undecided about attending.

For those of you new to the Pacific Northwest, know that the end of June is usually a transition point between our rainy springs and dry summers. That means, it could go either way during the conference! We are currently expecting another “atmospheric river” the weekend of the 12th, which should ensure a lot of blooming flowers on your arrival. It’s always a good idea to have a rain jacket handy. Fun insider fact: Oregonians generally make do without umbrellas. It’s hard to forecast weather here, but the best guess is mid to high 60s with chance of rain. Or it could be as high as 85 degrees. Climate change.

Solidarity Forever,

Allison and the rest of the local planning committee

Note from the WCSA 2022 Planning Committee 

April 28, 2022

Less than two months to the conference!  Please take a look at the draft of the Conference ProgramWe are still making a few small changes and improvements, but you should be able to use the program for planning purposes. 

A few things to note about the conference program: 

  • as many of you may be coming to Corvallis from more Eastern time zones than us, we are using Monday, June 20th primarily as a travel day.  There are no official events planned for that day, but we will be having an informal reception in the late afternoon/evening.  That afternoon, registration for the conference will be set up at the International Living and Learning Center, where many conference attendees will be staying.  The official welcome to the conference and first panels will take place Tuesday, June 21st.
  • we are hosting a parallel “remote track” throughout the conference.  Those registering for the remote track will have access to all the remote panels plus the plenaries, the business meeting, the awards ceremony, and the discussions of the Working-Class Perspectives and Journal of Working-Class Studies.  The updated conference program summarizes all remote/hybrid-capable events and panels.  
  • Please note that registration rates for the in-person conference vary depending on time of registration, so please register as soon as you can.  Early registration also helps with our planning, ensuring we order enough food for our continental breakfasts and have enough coffee on hand throughout the day!  If you are attending the banquet (Wednesday night), buying your ticket in advance is especially important, as we will be following up with all ticket purchasers about any dietary restrictions in the weeks immediately preceding the conference.  

If you have not already done so, please take a look at the posted information about travel, lodging, and things to do in the area if you are interested in extending your stay beyond the conference, or are looking for things to do for those accompanying you during your time at the conference.